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Empowering youth for brighter tomorrows 


YSBC'S services are available to children & their families who are experiencing problems in the family, school, with others, or who want to avoid these conflicts. 


YSBC is a United Way community agency dedicated to meeting the needs of youth & families in southern Oklahoma. We are governed by a local Board of Directors who's members represent Bryan County schools, churches, courts, business, & parents.


This agency does not discriminate in it's service delivery because of race, religion, ethnicity, creed, sex, origin, disability, or sexual orientation. 


Program service standards are high and meet or exceed those care and control standards adhered to by local and state youth service delivery systems. 


We are an one-on-one interactive agency whose mission is to provide, promote, assist, and facilitate a community-based, structured process of counseling, socialization, recreation, and educational assistance to youth and their families who have been identified as in need of assistance in adjusting to current life situations. 

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