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Our Mission


The mission of Youth Services of Bryan County, Inc. is to provide, promote, assist, and facilitate a community-based, structured process of counseling, socialization, recreation, and educational assistance to youth and their families who have been identified as in need of assistance in adjusting to current life situations. The agency objectives center around enhancing or  bringing into being, behavior which is within the bounds of social appropriateness, increased self and interpersonal awareness, and opportunity for successful productivity as a member of the community. 


The Programs are designed for youth whose inability to function within educational and social systems has caused concern for family, school, police, and court officials. These youth usually exhibit lack of self-esteem, limited knowledge base, poor relationship skills, limited ego strength, or lack of motivation to move toward future productivity. Many often display delinquent behavior or appear to be headed toward delinquency. Youth and their families are the target group for services. 


Program services standards are hgh and meet or exceed those case and control standards adhered to by local and state youth service delivery systems. The Programs operate with youth in the community and custody youth placed in their own homes, or community Residential Facilities within reasonable commuting distances. The primary area for services is Bryan County with certain services extending throughout Southeast Oklahoma. 


"It's rewarding, to say the least, to be a part of the positive impact in the communities in which we serve." -Courtney Dukes

Executive Director

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